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Wondering how to be prepared for your bridal trial? This post will hopefully guide you and get you trial ready!!

  • It is genuinely best to stick to what you know and like. Wedding makeup shouldn't be about trying out a whole new look or experimenting because a professional will be carrying out your makeup and because you are a bride to be. It is best to stick with a makeup style you know you like but use your mua to enhance this. Your wedding photos are going to be the photos you will be looking back on in years to come... I wouldn't recommend choosing a makeup style that's a phase, that you think is more bridal, a trend or something that just isn't you. Stick to what you know and what makes you feel like the best version of yourself! On your wedding day if you are looking and feeling like the best version of yourself you will have no regrets!

  • Start collecting some reference images. Makeup Artists are extremely visual people and we love nothing more than a reference picture. Its also great to make a bridal mood board for yourselves to really tap into the type of bride you dream to be and also help us understand your vibe! I always start off my trials with a consultation asking lots of questions about you, your wedding, your vibe, your desired makeup look etc.

  • Please, please, please try not to use pinterest images as your reference images. Instead find real working MUA images (Ideally some from my own website, instagram as this shows us muas that you truly love our work) Pinterest images are very very edited and extremely softened which are beautiful to look at but create a false representation that fine lines, texture, peach fuzz etc doesn't exist and that makeup will cover them. Mua's can of course cover any blemishes, discolouration etc but we cannot remove natural texture and fine lines / creases.

  • What appears to look natural in images is actually a lot more makeup in real life and will create an unrealistic expectation. Makeup that is going to be photographed from all angles and all day will require more products being applied. I also highly recommending looking for images that also look like you, if you have brown hair and brown eyes and a medium olive skin tone... search for images that represent this as well as the makeup style.

  • Your wedding makeup is applied to last a full 15+ hours. Makeup that is going to be photographed all day will need to be that little bit heavier than your everyday makeup. Makeup will photograph more natural - everything us artists do is to ensure your makeup looks amazing in person, lasts all day and also photographs well. It is best to be open minded on your trial as your wedding makeup will look that little bit different to your everyday.

  • Getting your skin trial ready. Now I will be doing a whole separate in depth post on how to get your skin wedding and trial ready! However, it is important to know that makeup will only sit as good as the skin underneath it. If you have exceptionally dry flaky skin, never moisturise or exfoliate... the makeup we apply will unfortunately not make this disappear. It can improve but will not disappear. If only we could work this kind of magic! One day of a makeup artist applying the skin prep sadly will not be enough to achieve your dreamy wedding skin. I also think, personally, there is nothing better and more relaxing than pampering yourself via your skincare regime. This can be your 5-10 minutes a day / morning and evening to do that little bit of self care and have some 'me' time. Not only will it make you feel fab... us MUAs will be more than appreciative of you looking after your skin!

  • Wear a similar neckline and colour to your wedding dress on your trial. I highly recommend wearing your hair similar to how your planning on having it for the wedding day. EG: low pony, hair up with a few pieces around the face, down and curled, half up half down. This will allow you to see if the makeup is complimentary to your whole look and give you that bridal feel!

  • If your planning to have a little tan on your wedding day (sunbeds or spray tan) please ensure you have also tanned for your trial. Makeup translates totally different on paler to more tanned or deeper skin tones so if your not your desired skin tone on your trial this may leave you feeling underwhelmed with your makeup as it will not be a true representation to how your wanting to look for your wedding day.

  • When it comes to prepping your face for your trial and the wedding day the best thing to avoid is doing everything the day before. For example - waxing and dying your eyebrows - it is a little too risky incase the dye goes to dark or the wax is too hot and burns the skin. If you have fresh burns from waxing makeup shouldn't be applied to this area due to the risk of infection. Lightening the brows is possible but will add on extra time to your makeup. Doing LVL or semi permanent lashes the day before is also risky due to the fumes of the glues can make the eyes very bloodshot and sore. Another very important element to remember is.... Please avoid fake tanning your face. Fake tan can go very patchy on the face or your face may end up darker than the body. I also do not recommend tanning and dying/ waxing brows together as freshly dyed brows and fake tan on the face = orange or green tinged eyebrows. I always recommend carrying out any treatments 5-7 days before your trial or wedding day and most importantly... trial EVERYTHING.

  • Lastly... enjoy your trial! It can be a little nerve racking however this is a time for us to meet/ get to know and understand each other, chat all things wedding and makeup and mostly importantly create that excitement ready for the wedding day through the art of makeup!

Trials are so so important. Trials shouldn't be used as a shopping around opportunity as to which makeup artist you should book for your wedding. If your wanting to shop around a little and try out different artists - book in a occasion makeup / glam when you have an event whilst your engaged and starting to plan and then decide from there who you truly felt made you feel amazing! Bridal trials are a chance to meet your artist because you love their work, build a relationship and excitement for the wedding day and most importantly determine your makeup for the wedding day.

Wondering if you have to keep your makeup exactly the same from your trial? Not at all! I always let my brides know that if they would like to tweak anything for the wedding day we absolutely can. Feedback is vital and no comments will ever offend me! Makeup is such a personal thing and it is so important that on such a special life event you are feeling 100%... well 110%! Your trial makeup can be the base line look to work from and can be tweaked right up until the wedding day! Of course if you love your makeup and there are no tweaks then that is more than okay too! I like all my brides to know that if you have booked with me that I am very laid back and that no question is ever to silly to ask!

Trials genuinely excite me so much!! I just LOVE meeting all my lovely brides to be and chatting all things weddings!! I hope this post is helpful!

Thank you for reading! x

Instagram: @gemmatutt_mua



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