Coronavirus – Return to work 

Due to being mobile please be aware I will have to take less clients during the day to adhere to the appropriate cleaning methods required. I will ask if I can wash my hands prior to makeup application and also use hand sanitiser.


To limit cash handling I will ask majority of my clients if possible to pay by bank transfer. I am still taking cash payments. Clients will be able to pay via bank transfer using the same details sent to you for your deposit. Payment is to be made before I leave and I will be asking all clients to send a screenshot when complete if this payment method is chosen. 


I will also be carrying the PPE required at all times such as gloves, masks and shields. I may also ask if I can take your temperature prior to entering your home. If you have a high temperature I unfortunately will have to refuse makeup application, your deposit will not be refunded. I use clinell universal products, 99.9% IPA and C3 to clean and sanitise my kit. All these products are hospital graded disinfectants. Please see below my terms and conditions on returning back to work.




·To ensure I minimise touching items within your homes please leave a large clear space on the table or work area for me to use and put my kit. I may ask you to move a chair to sit on (window facing if possible) or open doors for me to avoid touching too many items within your home. 


·Please use the transfer details supplied upon booking to send your remaining payment too. Payments must be sent before I leave and I will be requesting a screenshot of the payment to also be sent to me. 

·Please avoid touching any of my makeup kit, including children, as this has been thoroughly cleaned prior to entering your home. Please also refrain from holding any babies or children during makeup application.  


·I will be asking for only myself and 1 client at a time be present in the room and if possible by a door or window to allow ventilation. If a friend or relative wishes to be present (under 18s must have an adult present) they must be adhering to 2m distancing from myself. 


·If you or a person you have been in contact with, within the last two weeks prior to your appointment has fallen ill with COVID19 please get in touch prior to your booking to postpone.


·Bridal parties – please only allow 1 bridesmaid or party member to be in the room at a time. If the photographer would like to be present I would request if they could adhere to 2m distancing from myself. 

·Bridal Trials - the same conditions would apply for only 1 person at a time to be present for makeup application. If 1 other adult wishes to be present please adhere to 2m distancing from myself. If you have booked multiple trials for your bridal party each member will have their trial one at a time, please also allow me some extra time to sanitise my kit between each makeup. 


·Contraindications. This is a general T+C of mine however a polite reminder if you have any form of contagious contraindication for example: cold sore, conjunctivitis, styes, blepharitis, boils, cold or flu symptoms, impetigo, cuts/abrasions/open wounds, scarring under 6 months old, bacterial or viral infections etc please cancel your booking. If you are unsure please ask me prior to your booking. I will unfortunately have to refuse full makeup application if I turn up and haven’t been notified. You will not get a refund. The risk of product contamination is too high. 

GEMMA TUTT CERT 6.8.20.png